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HangUp Outlaw II Sparkcykel, Grön


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Beställningsvara - lev.tid ca en vecka.

This is an optimal and durable beginner trick scooter for kids. It is designed with a strong one-piece bar and deck bound together with a solid double clamp, which makes it great for tricks and jumps.

Technically, it is designed with ABEC 9 bearings and quality PU wheels, which gives an easy roll. Overall, this is an affordable trick scooter made with great quality parts.

Lower bar height than the the first Outlaw edition - for a perfect fit for the smaller riders aged 4 - 8 years. Furthermore the bar is standard dimention so it fits many other taller bars if you want to ad some height to it.

The 2nd version here is made with integrated headtube for a more clean look and also to make it more durable.

Total höjd: 69cm
Headsätt-type: Integrated 1 1/8"
Framgaffel typ: Med gänga
Hjul diameter: 100mm
Max. vikt på förare: 100kg
Vikt: 3090g
Material: Förkromat stål
Deck design: One-piece
Deck längd: 47.5cm (18.7'')
Deck bredd: 10.8cm (4.25'')
Framgaffel design: 2-deld
Bar material: Aluminium
Bar höjd: 450mm
Bar bredd: 435mm
Bar ytterdiameter: 35mm (Oversized)
Bar innediameter: 28mm
Backsweep: Ingen
Clamp storlek: Double
Hjul profil: Spetsig
Hjul hårdhet: 88A
Kärna material: Nylon
Kärna design: Spoked
Kullager precision: ABEC-9
Broms typ: Bult/Fjäder
Samling: Delvis samlad
Rekommenderas av: 6 år